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August, 1996...   It was the year of our foundation. We started our business for training engineers and supplying services of information processing. We have done it based on Yokohama as a software house independent and community-based, with a foothold around Tokyo and Yokohama.
March, 2004...   It was the year of establishment of System Crew Co., Ltd. We put the head office at Kita-saiwai, Nishi-ku in Yokohama City, with a capital 10 million JPY.
April, 2004...   We reorganized and strengthened all our sales system to expand our business. We strengthened our special departments of control and communication and our development department of web. We improved our internal education system.

April, 2005...   As a new business we became a SHARP distributor and started OA machinery sale. We put a planning and development department to create and expand the new business.
May, 2005...   We increased our capital to 30 million JPY.
August, 2005...   We increased our capital to 70 million JPY.
June, 2006...   We established Shinjuku branch office as a result of expanding business.
July, 2006...   We increased our capital to 100 million JPY.
March, 2008...   We separated part of our system division and established Sharp Art System Co., Ltd. as an independent subsidiary. And to start a new business we established System Crew International Co., Ltd.
August, 2008...   We separated our Shinjuku branch office and established System Crew Tokyo Co., Ltd. We merged our headquarters system division with Sharp Art System Co., Ltd. and integrated all into System Crew Yokohama Co., Ltd.
April, 2009...   We established Tokyo branch office.
April, 2011...   We merged System Crew international Co., Ltd . with System Crew Tokyo Co., Ltd.and integrated all into System Crew solutions Co., Ltd.
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