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We are pilots.That means SYSTEM CREW is a coordinator,who pilots you through the IT Ocean. Challenge to the new world and open new fields.
We have to do it because adventure is the mission necessary for us always on the go.

We know today is highly information-oriented but unclear and uncertain. In Age of Discovery European crews were cautious but fearless on the uncharted Ocean. We have to act like them or more than them, usually cautious but sometimes fearless if necessary.

They had new technology and knowledge. Compass invented in those days, knowledge newly written into geography and ships sturdy enough for ocean going. Those which had been produced in Renaissance helped them very much.
We have our new tools today. Technology produced in IT innovation, talents able to handle technology as their own hands and antennas sharp enough and systematic enough to catch tight the trend of the times. These which are for our riding out the waves of today encourage us very much.

We face ubiquitous computing. We face the borderless business world on the move. Various mixed services are coming there. We know IT innovation and globalization produce them.
By now and from now on we lead IT industry and play a part in society. We have the spirit of improvement. Since our foundation we have improved our skills constantly and kept challenge to new technology.
In ubiquitous computing society we are pilots or coordinators who create innovation. Overall IT system consultation which covers planning, making, running and outsourcing is our target. Most updated training for our IT talents and great satisfaction of our customers from our service are our mottos. We devote ourselves to do so all the time.

We are going to voyage across the ocean. To the future, with all passengers, having hearts filled with great hopes.

CEO Shunji Takano

Shunji Takano

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