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Software DevelopmentBased on human life, our CREWs carry out it.

We SYSTEM CREW have handled every kind of IT development. It is from the mainframe for official and private enterprises, to the application program for open systems or machine control. The results include really various fields. We have developed systems for banks, stockbrokerage firms, insurance business, power industry, distribution industry, manufactures, communication, airlines and others.

We also give ourselves, having rich experience and talents, to software development. We offer planning and development widely for many types of software, such as mainframe, UNIX, PC, server and OS for office work or technical work.

And we arrange and station our IT engineers, SE and PG, best suited for the skill required. We think we station those engineers as your team players so that we can offer rapid and reliable development support to you.

Results in software development
Business Application
Bank/Finance/Insurance Credit control system Seal verification system
  Online exchange system Gold option trading system
  Online swapping system Etc.
Stockbrokerage Firm Stock trading system Sales promotion system
  Loan control system Etc.
Manufacturer Production and sales control system Materials control system
  CNC, Automatic warehouse control system CAD/CAM, CAE
The Power Industry Monitoring substations system Power supply surveillance system
Distribution Industry/
Service Industry
POS system OES system
  Merchandise profits control system Customer relationship management system
Real Estate Business Searching system Information system of rooms and houses
Shipping or Warehouse Company Vehicles service system Vehicles control system
Application for PC / Application for Machine Control
Communication System Mobile phone  PHS  PDA  Measure
Information System Finance  Manufacture  Distribution  Service
Control System Medical care  Telephone exchanger  Surveillance
Business Application Production control  Sales control
Language and Tool 
OS Windows(95 98 NT 2000 2003 XP)  UNIX  LINUX  Solaris  AIX  ACOS  MVS  MSP  
VOS3  MS-DOS  VxWorks  ITRON  OS400
Language C  C++  Pro*C  C#  VC++  VB  VB.NET  VBA  Java  JavaServlet  JavaScript
DB Oracle  Sybase  Infomix  SQLServer  ADABAS  AIM  DB2  CICS  RIQS
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